VOSS It's What's on the Inside Campaign

My Role:
Lead Designer
    • Concept Expansion
    • Multi-channel Ideation
    • Deliverable Buildout
    • 2D Renderings
    • Illustration

    The creation of the "It’s What’s on the Inside" campaign, aimed to realign the brand image by showcasing the quality ingredients both inside and out, catering to the preferences of modern luxury buyers.

    My responsibility included leveraging key imagery to enhance the brand's visibility across a range of channels. This resulted in effectively connecting with consumers through digital and traditional marketing platforms.

    The overall campaign resulted in 10% sales growth, 344% increase in Amazon sales, and a reach of 38.5M impressions.

    Paid Social Media Adveritising

    Amazon Store Brand Pages

    Amazon Product Images for the Launch of the Sports Cap Lid

    Retail Key Visuals

    Key retail visuals were created based on the primary imagery to reflect the essence of the campaign brand identity. They effectively communicated each product's distinct features in the water category, while also establishing a brand standard for typography and layout.

    Retail Marketing

    Marketing Materials

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