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Lead Designer
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    Cavit is the number-one Italian wine in America, acknowledged for its steadfast quality, application of modern winemaking techniques, and the dependability of its products. The brand has earned acclaim for offering approachable, well-made wines that cater to a broad consumer base.

    The client sought captivating and informative designs to complement Cavit's lifestyle photography on their social media channels. The objective was to showcase various sweepstakes and underscore Cavit's commitment to ecological initiatives through visually appealing content.

    Year-End Bonus Sweeps

    Cavit presented a year-end cash bonus to a fortunate winner, inspired by one of the most iconic Christmas movies, Christmas Vacation. The outcome included in-feed posts that immediately captured your attention, featuring the prize along with a witty commentary. These posts led to Cavit achieving its highest Instagram in-feed reach to date.

    Reach: 170K | Engagement: 33.3K

    Backyard Makeover Sweeps

    Cavit offered a cash giveaway in the Cavit Dream Backyard Sweeps. The goal was to create compelling in-feed posts that illustrate how a single winner could transform their backyard. The outcome features both inspiring and achievable backyard makeover scenarios that instantly captivate viewers, especially with the promise of a cash prize.

    Reach: 98.5K

    Freebie Fridays

    Cavit established a weekly spring promotion named Freebie Fridays to enhance brand visibility. Utilizing campaign visuals showcased in-store and in commercials, posts were crafted incorporating lively animations to reinforce the brand, presenting opportunities for free branded giveaways every Friday.

    Reach: 98.1K | Engagement: 3.5K

    Earth Day

    Cavit aimed to develop social media content for Earth Day, emphasizing their dedication to sustainability through a series named Cavit Green Wednesdays. Each week, a post was crafted to spotlight various aspects of the winery's eco-conscious practices, culminating in an Earth Day recap post showcasing all the ways Cavit contributes to environmental efforts. The Earth Day video received such positive feedback from the client that they subsequently asked for a general sustainability video post that could be shared at different times throughout the year.

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