Case Study: Tigerhoney Brand

My Role:
Art Director & Lead Designer
    • Competitive Review
    • Brand Identity
    • Web Design
    • Social Media Styling

    Tigerhoney, a wellness formula aimed at enhancing your health, sought to establish a distinctive digital brand inspired by its existing packaging design. The goal was to differentiate itself within the competitive apple cider vinegar wellness market.

    With a new brand strategy created to represent strength, femininity, and power, the resulting persona needed visual branding that exhibited these qualities. As the art director,  ensuring a distinctive color palette and unique brand elements was essential, spotlighting the potent and natural ingredients, while also reimagining the tiger illustration in a fresh new way.

    Home Page


    Product Page


    Competitive Review

    A review of popular supplements and products within the wellness category. This analysis revealed it is important for brands in the wellness category to appear approachable and confident without talking down to the consumer.

    Brand Exploration

    Using the packaging as a jumping off point, everything was broken down into its elements.

    Updated Brand Identity

    Incorporating a refreshed, vibrant purple color scheme with bursts of yellow effectively captures the brand's confident and optimistic essence. Transforming the distinctive tiger illustration into a geometric pattern rather than a conventional image offers ample room to experiment with various patterns and textures that can be seamlessly integrated into the brand's visuals. This pattern can be cropped to appear entirely abstract or highlight the intensity of the tiger's eyes, accentuated by the color contrast.

    Brand Treatments, Icons, & Imagery

    Supplemental Imagery Styling

    Displaying humble, exquisite natural ingredients and visuals demonstrating how to integrate the supplement. Employing simpler photography complements the brand's boldness and provides an opportunity to incorporate the distinct brand purples as part of the branding approach.
    Mood Board

    Social Media Styling

    An culmination of brand imagery, featuring a blend of photography and graphic treatments. Tigerhoney exudes an approachable demeanor while emphasizing its commitment to high-quality ingredients and promoting a positive lifestyle.
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