Shout Pets

My Role:
Lead Designer
    • Concept Redesign
    • Infographics
    • Product Renderings
    • Mechanicals
    • Quality Control

    Shout Pets is a product that offers the same stain-fighting power and versatility as Shout, specifically formulated for tackling the messes left by your pets. As Shout Pets continued to grow it required a brand refresh to continue to compete in the crowded pet stain product category as well as to keep in line with the updated Shout brand guidelines.

    The resulting package design was updated with a more modern, and comprehensive brand look and feel. The base blue was chosen to set Shout Pets apart within its category, utilizing color modulations to clearly differentiate its formula technology. Additional improvements included adding infographics for the use of less conventional products, as well as ensuring all important copy, and marketing information were legible in both size and contrast.

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