Case Study: Roscato Live the Sweet Life Campaign

Palm Bay International
My Role:
ArtDirector & Lead Designer
    • Concept Creation
    • Brand Identity
    • Brand Guidelines
    • Multi-channel Build-out
    • Illustration
    • Motion Graphics

    Roscato is a brand of unique sweet wines that does not cater to the typical wine drinker. Seeking to break away from traditional wine advertising, Roscato aimed to launch a fresh campaign resonating with a younger, more diverse audience.

    The outcome was a vibrant, bold creative approach that visually captured the happiness people feel when they drink Roscato. In my role as the art director, I lead the visual evolution of the campaign from concept to creation, while also serving as the principal brand designer and illustrator, crafting brand guidelines and original artwork. The result was a 360-degree campaign that encompasses print, digital, and in-person experience that helped Roscato Roso Dolce reach the #11 wine spot out of tens of thousands, and the Roscato brand climb to the top 10 Italian wines in the US.


    Using lively graphics and illustrations allowed the freedom to get creative, applying bold colors and fresh patterns to appeal to the consumers’ unique styles and tastes.

    Character Development

    Before beginning each illustration, it was important to understand how everything should look and fit together. A detailed plan was created to decide how each character should appear and interact with visual cues, and each other.

    Design Explorations

    The typography aims to mirror the brand's outspoken yet inviting personality. After exploring several options, Titling Gothic Condensed was chosen for its bold, graphic qualities. It was then complemented with the friendlier Meta Serif Pro for tagline and body copy treatments.

    Brand Guidelines

    Website Design

    Digital Advertising

    Holiday creative for digital advertising which included social media ads and animated HTML5 banners.

    Retail Marketing

    Out Of Home Advertising

    Location: Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY
    Full Motion Banner - Location: Atlanta, GA
    Location: Philadelphia, PA
    Location: Various location across the US


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