Case Study: SWCRF Turn Cancer Off Website

Samuel Waxman Cancer
Research Foundation
My Role:
Art Director & Lead Designer
    • Competitive Review
    • Brand Identity
    • Web Design
    • Icon & Infographic Illustration

    Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation is a unique cancer non-profit. Where most foundations do their own first-hand medical research and make identifiable milestones, SWCRF uses expert knowledge to fund other researchers who may make the most impact collaboratively. SWCRF aimed to recreate its existing website to improve user navigation and further develop its brand identity showcased in print materials.

    The resulting design boldly takes a firm visual stance against cancer, developed with the understanding that this foundation differs from what most people know. Educating the user was key, alongside developing an information architecture for a content-rich site that remained manageable. Moreover, like any foundation, funding is vital, emphasizing the necessity for the user to easily access the donate CTA button throughout.

    Website Design & Concept

    Cancer is an urgent and significant issue that deeply impacts numerous individuals, either directly or through their close relationships. The website design effectively mirrors this by employing bold messaging and typography to communicate a sense of urgency, as well as a restricted color palette to convey the gravity of the subject.

    Competitive Review

    A review of other non-profit organizations was broken into two main groups - Lifestyle oriented design using photography to drive an emotion connection to the user, and an information driven design using hard facts and information to connect to the user.

    UX Exploration

    The previous website design was confusing to navigate, with the crucial donation CTA often inaccessible. Starting with a revised site map I restructured pages into primary categories and subcategories, eliminating redundancies and enabling a more user-friendly and intuitive flow.



    Research Segment

    Donation CTAs

    The new website's donation CTA is consistently accessible and strategically incorporates a contrasting teal color amidst the dominant purple hues, ensuring it stands out prominently for users.

    Typography & Color

    Exploring color and typography options to set the mood and tone for the website, comparing options for a more serious feel vs a friendlier feel. Leveraging the established brand's purple, it was also essential to introduce a contrasting color to make CTAs stand out.

    Icons & Infographics

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